The boy lifts his hand to touch the feathery wings,

 And giggles with childlike glee as the sparrow flaps once, twice, then stills,

Quivering ever so slightly beneath his kind touch,

He strokes it for a few minutes, then lets it go, watching it fly into the azure sky,

There is peace, quite unlike the rest of the world he was accustomed to so much,

He hears a sound from far away,

It’s a lovely sound, one he’d never want to miss for the world,

As the sparrow bid her last farewell,

The trees are quiet and serene today,

But in a good way, the little boy thinks.

In a nice, peaceful way,

He chooses a spot and lies down on the mud and grass,

Then he wraps his arms around himself, takes a deep breath,

And closes his eyes,

He listens to an eggshell cracking open, hatching a new life,

He listens to the soft pad of a squirrel’s paws, dashing up a tree for a nut,

He listens to a baby bird, cooing and opening its wings for the first time,

Under its mother’s gentle care,

He listens, riveted by the nice orchestra of good lady nature,

And when he next opens his eyes, the morning has crept into noon,

He gets up and brushes the dirt off his clothes,

And says goodbye to the forest before he leaves,

He walks, until he reaches the dilapidated fence,

And squeezes through the small hole,

Slowly, he crawls through the dugout tunnel until he emerges out the other opening,

Obscured by the wall of an old shed,

Standing up, he begins walking back to where his mum is probably waiting,

Smiling and humming to himself the song he had just heard,

It is when he’s by the large oak that he hears it again,

The leaves on the trees begin to rustle and whisper to him.

Wind through a bush begins to sing and other animals join in,

The sound of their paws pounding the earth,

The chattering of squirrels, raccoons and of magpies,

A snake’s hiss as it slides gracefully across the earth through the blades of grass,

The leaves on the ground crackle cheerfully to join in,

It’s like one large ensemble, the harmonious music exceptional to any other,

The music brings with it an infectious joy and he laughs and sings and dances along with the trees and the animals and the earth,

To the tune of nature.

  • – Indrashish Mitra

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      • chirpydestinations says:

        Hi Indrashish, I have just started a new blog I want your help regarding the navigation menu..Have you developed the site on your own or employed someone ? please do reply. Also would request you to please visit my blog..

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        • Indrashish Mitra says:

          Hey, thanks once again for your compliment!
          And about the site, I made it completely on my own, and I’m still a student so having a site manager isn’t really feasible..😀😁


            • Indrashish Mitra says:

              It depends on which theme you’ve selected… Mine had this setting already set up… I don’t know about yours… I believe when you start adding more pages to your blog site, the menu dropdown with automatically create links to those pages… Hope this helps!!


  1. Kaivalya Sinha says:

    Indra, buddy, it was a nice description of the serene beauty of nature, the next Wordsworth is on its way…….. 👌👏

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