It all began with the slight darkening of the wide open sky,

Over the garish orange evening horizon,

With puffs of cotton white clouds floating around here and there,

That soon turned into a fearsome inky firmament,

Casting a shadow over the rough parched terrain,

Then began the low grumblings seemingly miles away,

Which soon transformed into loud peals of thunder and like a war began the clamour,

As the clouds surged forward determined to tear each other apart,

They struck each other like angry war elephants, guided by celestial mahouts,

Soon the aftermath of the war commenced,

Pelting down drops of the celestial life giving ambrosia,

Onto the parched terrain, soothingly quenching its baring thirst,

Soaking into the arid soil, rejuvenating, invigorating the sandy plains,

Refilling the dried empty underground water coffers,

The drops bounced on the dusty leaves, injecting a new life into it,

It crept down the green stems and the hardy barks, onto the roots,

Breathing in a new soul into the atmosphere,

Soon began merriment of the other creatures in the forest,

The beautiful smell of the wet mud coursing through the moist air,

The joyous calls of a thousand different birds,

Resonating throughout the forest in an orchestra of epic proportions,

Every living creature rejoiced with the first drops of water,

That signalled more was yet to come.

Then began the flow down,

Little rivulets surged through the empty streets among the trees,

Quickly joining to form large streams of formidable strength,

Elegantly gliding through the now quenched forest floor,

Joining others in the same pursuit to find a bigger stream,

Till they all coalesced till one magnanimous goddess flowed down,

To meet the mysterious sea.

Then came the day the evil began to unfold,

Awful things began flowing down along with it,

Poison, plastics and corpses were thrown in,

By a peculiar race of animals they had never seen,

The goddess began to choke, like a viper across the throat,

She continued to flow ahead nonetheless,

Witnessing and bearing it all infiltrate.

As the land began to flatten out, the delta widening,

The river trudged ahead into the sea, reluctant to dump it all,

It split up yet again into rivulets, to halt the down flow into the sea,

But there was nothing she could do to stop her fluidity,

Finally, out into the wide open sea,

She felt the pleasant heat of the sun on her body,

As her essence began to evaporate, freeing her from all the deformity,

She felt like a goddess, all clean and pure again,

She floated through the air, towards the land to a destiny,

That was prescribed to her,

Because one peculiar race of animals reigned freely.

  • – Indrashish Mitra

8 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Kaivalya Sinha says:

    The only one of our lot (of engineering aspiring students) who truly knows what to do with his passion our hobby….and bro you also do justice to your ability….the ability to write and express….
    All the best man!!!!

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    • Indrashish Mitra says:

      Hey, the thing is that I’ve already been nominated for this award…. But thank you nonetheless… 😃


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