What is truth? Truth is something that is in accordance with the fact or reality. But is that really all that comprises of the word? No. Truth is something that is perceived to be the right thing by a single individual, which may be a lie for somebody else. Your truth and my truth aren’t the same. You and I are two completely separate identities, have separate ideologies so our truths are bound to be different. Can there be an absolute truth as a religionist might expound in his sermons, whatever faith that may be?

Let me explain with an example of something that I had noticed as a child and had stuck in my mind. I had once noticed a dog running through a small garden chasing something. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was. All I could make out was that it was a tiny little thing which walked with two feet. It had disappeared into a bush and the dog couldn’t chase it in anymore and was barking away to glory from the outside. Something must have happened inside the bush that I couldn’t see but what I then saw was a little baby hatchling burst out of the bush about two feet away from the dog. The dog sped after it. The dog being bigger and fast caught up with the hatchling and began playing with it. It pulled at the little featherless wings which drew blood. Soon the little bird began limping and slowing down as exhaustion and pain began to seep in. Several more tormenting moments later, the hatchling was relieved of her pain and the dog gobbled it up.

Now to you and me, the entire scene might look something out of a horror movie. The devilish dog tormented the little harmless hatchling and finally ate it up. Some might believe it was the evil incarnated in the form of a dog. But is it really so? This is the way nature intended it to be. Darwinian Theory resonates with nature, only the fittest survive. Humans are an exception; they might not be the fittest but surely are the smartest species thus the show of superiority over nature.

Now, as some might suggest, if I were to intervene and drive the mongrel away to save the little hatchling, what would I be? A hero? Or a villain? The action of my intervention might look like heroism to the little hatchling but what about that dog? To the dog, I’m an abuser, a hypocrite; I’m somebody who is stopping him from having his lunch. My single action alone would have caused two sets of truths about me. For the bird, I am the saviour and that is its truth. For the dog, I become a hypocrite who didn’t allow him to eat where he might not have eaten for the past several days maybe. None of them are wrong. Both are looking at reality from different perspectives and interpreting it in their own way.

So who’s right? Who’s wrong? What is the truth? What is the lie? Now that is for you to decide.

– Indrashish Mitra

4 thoughts on “Truth

  1. prasadkaginkar says:

    Good one..

    But whats true is always true.. There is no such thing as your truth or mine
    The simple truth for dog was it was hungry had easy food nd he had power to get it.
    It wouldnt have differed from one dog to another.
    Humans would have, some would have pelted something at the dog to make him run away, some may have let nature take its course
    Creatures dont complicate things, humans do 🙂
    Humans with superior thinking power are the ones who make it your truth nd my truth
    Otherwise truth is always simple nd universal
    Sry if i sounded a rude.. Just a perspective


    • Indrashish Mitra says:

      I really respect your perspective, I truly do. But let me ask you a question. What do you mean by “the truth” – the simple universal one?
      Truth is always perceived, not realized… And no two persons can have the same perception… Can they?


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