The Sweeter Apple

Little acts of kindness and love often go unnoticed, mostly because we close the windows to our soul and heart and look at the simplistic and materialistic way of a situation that plays out in front of oneself. And such a thing had happened to me a couple of years back.

It had been one of those times I had been travelling with my father to book fairs around the city to quench my thirst for new books to read. We used to travel by train a lot. It was one of those journeys when this incident happened. A young mother climbed up onto the train at a station which I don’t particularly remember. She was wearing a dilapidated saari and a gangly little boy in her arms that had barely enough cloth to cover himself in the cold.

As the mother sat down, she pulled out two apples from the folds of a partially torn bag. They weren’t like the ones we usually see, pink round, juicy and a pleasure to look at. No, this was much worse. It had several dark patches over the surface indicating it hadn’t been handled well.

So, as she pulled out the apples, the little boy immediately snatched the two apples from her hand and ferociously bit into one. He chewed it carefully, swallowed and bit into the other. From a third person point of view, it would seem like the boy was horribly greedy and uncaring. Probably the kid was too small enough to even understand those terms yet nature persists despite the age of a man. The little boy then received what he had coming. And rightly so. A nice hard slap across his chubby little cheek.

It was then the boy spoke up. He was obviously used to the slaps delivered since he wasn’t crying at all. All he did was that he held up one of the apples to his mother and said with his childlike prattle, ‘Mamma, eat this one. This apple is sweeter.’

Nothing more was left to be said.

Those eight words had said it all.


– Indrashish Mitra

3 thoughts on “The Sweeter Apple

  1. Mayuri says:

    I liked the way you twisted the entire perspective👏🏿👏🏿 it lives upto the name, “Sweet”. Please continue writing them😊😊

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  2. mordernsouls says:

    Somehow I relate with this a lot… Traveling in the train everyday makes me a witness to countless situations like this… Well written😃😃

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