One year… Already?

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Well. It has been a year already. And it has been a monumental year, something to look back at and admire. To be proud of. Exactly one year back, on the 2nd of May, I made this website. Or blog. Or whatever one wishes to call it. I am still confused about it myself too. I had started out, to make a blog, where I’d post creative blurbs from my mind, from time to time. Poems, short stories, random ruminations – anything that came to my mind to be documented on the world’s biggest showcasing platform and the biggest invention the turn of this century has seen – the Internet. Now, today as I look back, I see how, with the passing of time, I have changed and so has my website.

I still remember that day when I hesitatingly pressed down on that “Publish” button. My first poem ever posted on my blog site (that’s what I call it to give justice to both) was Eternity. I still remember writing that poem. It was written long before my site was even conceived. The poem was a sad one, and to show off my creative abilities, I tried to make it even sad. That’s the whole purpose of creativity, isn’t it? To enhance the reality and make it seem even more of what it already is. Any kind of poem you name, a poem written to express love or a nature poem. Be it Shakespeare or be it Wordsworth. Anywhere you see, poetry is the beautification of something that exists, yet make it unreal, yet a pleasure to read and imagine. So here was my poem, Eternity about a dying son, speaking in verse to his mother. And it was a poem that tried to address a social cause and hence my attempts to make it seem even more real and soul stirring. I garnered quite a few responses that gladdened me and quite frankly, I thought I was born for this.

But soon, I began to learn more things. Abstract concepts like bounce rate, Search Engine Optimization, Alexa ranking, views and other things began to appear and the initial glory of a few comments began to fade away. But that was a good thing. It, in fact motivated me to search for new ways to spread my word and get more clicks and I began applying those. I began to learn the intricacies of popularity and viewership. Soon I had my own dedicated Facebook page made to serve this purpose.

Things suddenly took a turn when, after all this, I got an opportunity to review a book. A full novel. Coupled with the fact that I got those books directly from the publishers or the authors themselves, I delved myself into the world, joining more groups, communicating more and learning more. The thrill of getting a post delivered to your doorstep with your name printed on it was unparalleled. I wanted to be a novelist myself and what better than to immerse myself into the literary world that existed online? In the world of digitization and interconnected networks, Internet is THE place to be when you’re starting off. Things started looking even brighter when a publisher, LeadStart actually posted the link to my blog, of my review of one of their books on their own Facebook page and hits went through the roof for a couple of days.

After 16 book reviews, I realized yet another thing. I finally convinced myself that my skills with English were in fact pretty good and I could do something about it and get PAID for it. Surprising, eh? Daunting? Very! But with the certain amount of successes I have had with my website, I decided to go on with it. I launched my manuscript editorial services and soon landed my first job! The pay was quite small, yet it was my first earning. The feeling was exhilarating and yet another success. By now, I was convinced that my website was doing really well and I decided to make it slightly more professional. I bought a domain and finally had a fully functional and a listed “.com” website. I still remember the 4th of November when I actually bought the domain. Another day, I found that my name came up on Google searches right on top! Those were a couple of days I felt like a celebrity.

At this point, I cast my mind back to that Monday, 2nd of May, 2016. I walked down memory lane, going over the days and I realized that everything happened because of one reason. Just one. I took that decision of starting the blog. So my simple 3 word message to all those who are reading my blog, here it is.

Whatever you’re doing. Whatever you want to do.

Start. Do. Continue.


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