It all began with the slight darkening of the wide open sky, Over the garish orange evening horizon, With puffs of cotton white clouds floating around here and there, That soon turned into a fearsome inky firmament, Casting a shadow over the rough parched terrain, Then began the low grumblings seemingly miles away, Which soon … Continue reading Rain

Liebster Award

  A big thank you to Tina Smith for nominating me for this prestigious award!! There are 11 questions that I have to answer put forward by Tina and also I have to state 11 random facts about myself after which I will have to nominate 11 more people. Here are the answers to the 11 questions: … Continue reading Liebster Award


The boy lifts his hand to touch the feathery wings,  And giggles with childlike glee as the sparrow flaps once, twice, then stills, Quivering ever so slightly beneath his kind touch, He strokes it for a few minutes, then lets it go, watching it fly into the azure sky, There is peace, quite unlike the … Continue reading Nature


  I never had that drink, Mother, Just as you had instructed me, But it is me, who is lying on the pale white stretcher, Streaked with crimson all over, And the other wretched drunkard from the party, Is enjoying his existence in police custody, I can feel my senses die out one by one, … Continue reading Eternity