Author : Prassant Kevin

MRP : ₹150

Pages : 226

Publisher : Inked Company

One liner – An astounding tale of a man rising from having nothing to having everything he ever wanted and more and then losing it all yet again but gaining something that can never be duplicated. Love.


Cover : 4.5/5

Title : 4/5

Theme : 3.5/5

Characters : 4/5

Story : 3.5/5

Overall : 4/5

Plot Spoiler :

This book is an absorbing tale which begins with the meeting of two complete strangers, namely Misha and Ayan – the protagonists of this tale. The beginning of the tale focuses on the friendship that develops between the two as two years pass by when finally, Ayan, a striving novelist has his book picked up by a really big publisher and is quickly on his way of becoming the most successful authors of all time. He becomes a national sensation, the hottest bachelor in town with people going crazy over him. His books are a complete sellout. But he had instead fallen in love with another woman, the woman who had been his best friend since the past two years.

In the midst of all this, during a certain fateful interview session with an anchor named Poonam who was infamous for her blunt questions, her fearless attitude and her tendency to go into controversial statements regarding personal subjects. And as expected, she gets into the subject of his love life which was the only thing that had been kept away from the general public and goes on to play a recording of him in a conversation with his friend and associate, Hitesh about a woman being the love of his life. In that situation, Ayan composes himself and speaks his heart  out on the camera, expressing his love for Misha. This goes on to become yet another phenomenon. Misha is angry with this and leaves Ayan for what he did to her.

Two years later, imagining to have seen Misha across a road, Ayan steps in front of a speeding vehicle and is hit. The damage was serious and after several operations, he was out of his injuries and pains. During this time, Misha, hearing the news comes in to help Aditya out. To keep the suspense of the novel alive and not spoiling the plot for all of you, something happens between the two of fall in love, yet again.

The story then goes on as Ayan becomes afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease because of the injury that he had taken.  Soon the story ends with the release of his last and the most tremendous of all the books he had written in his life.

Review :

This novel is a heartrending story of regaining an old love, astounding success and the most special of all relationships – friendship. I could personally relate with the difficulties Ayan had to go through before he became a published author because I too am a striving novelist.

About the love story, it wasn’t the usual all perfect fairy love tale. The story had spices and aroma that sets it apart from others. The entire book is taut with suspense and foreboding as I reached the end of the book which concludes on a sad note but delivers a message that is universal and true.

Disappointments :

To be completely honest, I do have noticed a few spelling mistakes which is something not expected from a full-fledged published novel. Apart from that, I didn’t see anything to let me down.

The book can be found on Amazon.

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