Author : Bhaavna Arora

MRP : ₹199

Pages : 239

Publisher : Penguin Random House


One Liner : An inspiring novel of two women, each immensely successful in their own fields, how they react to love and relationships and how they ultimately fall in love.



Cover : 3/5

Title : 3/5

Theme : 3/5

Characters : 5/5

Story : 4/5

Overall : 3.6/5


Plot Spoiler :

The story begins with the sudden appearance of Gudiya, their maid Nandini’s daughter who was crying, at the doorstep of Rihana and Zara’s home. Rihana and Zara are the protagonists of the story. She had come to say that her drunk father had beat up her mother in a fit of rage. Both the women cared for Nandini and went ahead to investigate. They found Nandini lying half dead, her head bleeding. They rushed her to the hospital where she was taken care of. Rihana, a hot-headed girl, soon lost her control and went back to bring back the husband to his senses.

The story goes on as Rihana, the painter, gets spotted by a Maharani who liked her painting, bought it and sold it at an auction to raise money for a cancer treating institute. In fact, she falls in love with Rihana’s work so much so that she offers to buy her next painting too, even before it was even conceived. She also made Rihana one of the trustee members of the hospital. Fast forwarding into the story, Zara successfully confirms a business deal that secures her financial position in the company forever making her completely independent.

Then, they get invited to the Maharani’s cancer hospital’s inauguration where she introduces Rihana to the media, making her even more famous than she already was.  In the meantime, Zara finds herself head over heels in love with the Prince. Now, not wanting to spoil the plot any further, both the protagonists finally find themselves in love with each other, with a mutual understanding and consideration they found nowhere else.



It is a unique story based on something that isn’t quite looked well at and it has an even peculiar and unexpected turn of events. I liked this book very much and it is surely a commendable read.



I found none to point out.


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