Author : Akshay Shroff

MRP : ₹195

Pages : 217

Publisher : Gargi Publishing

One Liner : A mind-blowing, extensively researched, deeply stirring novel which you’ve got to read twice.


Cover : 4/5

Title : 4/5

Theme : 5/5

Characters : 4/5

Story : 4/5

Overall : 4.2/5

Plot Spoiler:

The story begins on a happy note, with the description of the usual day of Rajaram Gaitonde, a sub-inspector in the Mumabai Police Force. It was a happy family, the wife, Shanti, a nurse at a hospital and a young enthusiastic ten year old son, Lakshya. Lakshya was a rising star in cricket, with aims to join the Indian team. Soon tragedy strikes the happy family and his father becomes a victim to a bomb explosion that happened in the parking lot of Bombay Stock Exchange, part of a series of bomb blasts that took place all over Mumbai.

Lakshya, gave up his cricketing aspirations post the incident and determined a new career for his life. That was to become a police officer. He began studying hard, passing exams with flying colours. He too passed the prestigious IPS exam and joined the Anti-terrorism cell of the Force. In the meantime, he also fell in love with a neighbour’s daughter, Seema with whom he had practically grown up with.

Lakshya, now an ACP delves into file after file reporting each and every file concerning any terrorist attack that took place in Mumbai, trying to find the perpetrator of the attack which killed his father and scarred him for life. Soon after, he comes up with a daring plan to destroy terrorism at its roots. He approaches his senior, who had found quite a liking for the young man and listened to his plan and reluctantly agreed to look into it. The plan had too many dangerous things that could go wrong.

Alongside this, marriage preparations begin between the two families to tie the knot when one day, while Lakshya’s mother and wife-to-be were travelling in train, another series of bomb blasts take both the lives of the most important people in his life.

Lakshya, after this disappears and the story takes a drastic turn to describe a man named Wasim and what all happens after is too exciting to spill.


This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It surely deserves a read by everyone.


Truly, I found nothing to complain about.

This book can be found on Amazon.

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