Author : Aparna Sinha

MRP : ₹195

Pages : 214

Publisher : Sristhi Publishers and Distributors

One Liner : An out-of-the-box, mind-blowing, extensively researched, deeply stirring novel which you’ve got to read several times over.


Cover : 4/5

Title : 5/5

Theme : 5/5

Characters : 5/5

Story : 5/5

Overall : 4.8/5

Plot Spoiler :

The story begins with the death of Union Minister, Ashok Kumar Nandi in a mysterious helicopter crash. Then the story moves on, Ashwin Jamwal, our protagonist president of the Nationalistic party. He had been picked up by I.M. Raathi, the one who had actually founded the party. There are a lot of intricate subplots embedded into the main plot, where, we see AK Nandi is actually alive and had been kidnapped. The helicopter crash was just a part of the theatrics played by a master manipulator.

The story moves on where Ashwin Jamwal clears the toughest UPSC examination, gets posted to Durgapur. There he faces the harsh realities of politics as closed cases remain closed and attempts made to reopen them meant trouble. He was an honest man who wanted to do something for the betterment of the country and the people residing in it. He went on to finally resolve upon his decision to formulate sting operations to bring down filthy politicians. He gets transferred several times all over, because of his resourcefulness, his honesty and finally situations force him to resign. He then joins IM Raathi’s Nationalistic Party and because of his diligence and hard work soon climbs up the political ladder to reach the top. Soon, he is the most famous politician in the country. People adored him, trusted him.

A series of backing events happen, as we realize IM Raathi had not picked up Ashwin Jamwal because of his talents or leadership qualities but because he had been forced to. A person threatened him, to reveal all his undisclosed wealth which would ruin his career. Soon the elections arrive and the chances of Ashwin winning seems bleak even though he had popularity among the masses. IM Raathi shoots himself, after releasing a video of him saying how he wanted to save the nation and for which, he made the sacrifice. Ashwin Jamwal won the election with an unprecedented margin.

Fast-forwarding into the novel, we see there are several powers that are working to wreck havoc upon the world. He as the Prime Minister, gets called into a secret UN meeting involving all the other so-called superpowers to discuss the issue.

This is where the story actually gets interesting. It would truthfully be a shame if I revealed it all here. Quickly pick up a copy of the book and start reading.


This is one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read.


Truly, I found nothing to complain about.

This book can be found on Amazon.

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