Book Review #15 – The Bogus Read by Divyamaan


Author : Divyamaan

MRP : ₹295

Pages : 289

Publisher : LeadStart Publications

One Liner : What happens when you mix political spoof, unending comedy, unending daily soap and amazing writing together? The Bogus Read.



Cover : 5/5

Title : 5/5

Theme : 5/5

Characters : 5/5

Story : 5/5

Overall : 5/5 – Mind-blowing


Plot Spoiler :

Five boys from an engineering college, Ravi, Param and three others win the Counter-Strike competition but much to their surprise, they didn’t get the usual applaud. It was one of the most coveted trophies of their college lives for which they had been waiting for the past four years of their lives to clinch. They had given up studying, playing, fooling around with girls and other whatnots just to win this prize and now there weren’t anybody to actually see them win! This was the first of the unusual happenings. The next thing was that this group of friends, who, as a result of the CS gaming barely passed in their exams topped their semester exams, quite extraordinarily. This was the second thing that irked them. They found out that the reason for the absence of people and their degradation in marks in the exams were both due to a peculiar habit that everyone had picked up. Watching daily soap serials. We later find out this was a part of a larger conspiracy which I will not be revealing here.

Ravi then finds out that newspapers had become over 150 pages long, opening one for the very first time in his life. Almost all the pages were filled with commercials of all stupid sorts, filling the minds of the reader with utter crap. But, printed on the very last page, is a short article that says Pakistan had crossed the Indian borders and were marching into Indian territory. The Indian army hadn’t been able to put up any resistance.

At the borders, Brigadier Suryakant receives the news of Pakistan crossing the borders and invading Indian territory but meets with an unfriendly surprise. The entire army under him were watching action movies in an underground bunker instead of preparing to go to war.

The friends begin to investigate more and become embroiled in the nationwide conspiracy as the major powers of the nation are too shaken by the recent turn of events.

The rest of the story I’ll keep for the reader to read and enjoy. This is a book you wouldn’t want to miss for anything.



A book that will make you laugh with every paragraph that you read.


Simply perfect, found nothing to point out.


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