Book Review #16 – Kashmir 90 by Vineet Mishra


Author : Vineet Mishra

MRP : ₹225

Pages : 215

Publisher : LeadStart Publications

One Liner : One short sweet story of love lost and found once again, in the midst of turmoil and strife.



Cover : 3/5

Title : 3/5

Theme : 4/5

Characters : 4/5

Story : 4/5

Overall : 3.6/5


Plot Spoiler :

The story begins on a sweet note, all the characters are happy. Kashmir 90 revolves around a carefree boy, Shiv, who sees his life turn upside down when various incidents take place in his life. The story is written around majestic Kashmir and you could not help feel the desire to actually visit the place.

The story is in multiple timelines in which he grows into a man from a boy. He falls in love with a girl named Maya, then separated from her, and after several trifles, falls in love again and finally gets his happily ever after.

The story does involve several instances and notations from the Kashmir during the strife against the Kashmiri Pandits. It also features a brief episode of the Mumbai riots that took place somewhat during the same time.


Review :

Its a sweet little piece of story but it does, in several places, beat about the bush to expand on a subject.

Disappointments :

Grammatically, I found no errors apart from certain places where sentences seemed to be too stretchy and deliberate instead of being a natural flow.

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