Author : Rahul Saini

MRP : ₹175

Pages : 241

Publisher : Penguin Random House – Metro Reads Imprint


One Liner : A breathtaking, page-turning yet light-hearted novel of love and its fragility and a wonderful quite unseen insight into the publishing industry in India.


Cover : 4/5

Title : 3/5

Theme : 4/5

Characters : 4/5

Story : 3.5/5

Overall : 4.5/5


Plot Spoiler :

This book is unique in a way because, through first-person narrative, the author has given us a peek into the lives of the protagonists of the story, namely Rohit, Karun and Jeet apart from the other subsidiary characters who were described along with these.

The book begins with Rohit, a novelist trying to pen down his most monumental work of all but just isn’t able to do it. His contract deadlines are about a month away and he is undergoing something popularly known as the writer’s block. In the meantime, Karun is a staunch opponent of Rohit since at an earlier literary event, Rohit had publicly disrespected and ridiculed him. Now Rohit has other problems too. He had resigned from his post as a fine arts teacher because his college dean had disrespected him. But soon, upon the students insistence, the dean was forced to call him back for the job.

Now, Karun. A typical young, fiery, bloodthirsty new novelist is doing everything he can to succeed. Firstly, he is hell bent on destroying one man. Rohit. Secondly, he wants to clinch the Popular Books Award. And to win that, he is ready to eliminate all competition.

Without the intention of revealing too much, I’ll fast forward to the part which becomes really interesting. Karun manages to separate Jeet and Neeti, the famous co-authors. Neeti did most of the writing and Jeet did the job of spreading the word. Karun successfully separates the duo with one faked newspaper interview. In the meantime, the dean of Rohit’s school is a drug addict who is getting on the nerves of Rohit who is a teacher from heart and could not bear the deterioration of the students due to in front of his very eyes but wasn’t in a position to do much. Karun also manages to find Rohit’s new novel’s draft from an editorial company and publishes it under a pseudonym. When Rohit realizes this, he is devastated but soon an idea crops up in his mind and he publishes the book in the electronic format free for everybody to read. Later at an interview, when a random person asks him about the ebook, he has no answer and his already damaged reputation is destroyed forever.

But things begin to change as Nisha’s friend Tara suffers a huge loss and decides to write a book on it. No publisher wants to take it up but Rohit’s publisher, upon his advice takes it up and publishes it. Now things begin to look brighter. Tara wins the Popular Book Award, crushing Karun’s dreams. Also, one of Rohit’s earlier books is selected to be made into a film. Nisha comes back into his life after breaking up with him. After all, alls well that ends well.

Review :

This novel is a cheerful story of several interwoven lives, how one tries to outdo the other and destroy competition to succeed. The story on a deeper level tries to teach is the meaning of love and life and also a delightful insight into the publishing industry.

Disappointments :

The only thing I found to be mildly “not right” was the fact that the story ended rather abruptly. Rohit’s later successes is stated out but the emotions don’t seem to come out. Of course, that is my opinion entirely.

This book can be found on Amazon.

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