Author : Sandeep Sharma

MRP : ₹165

Pages : 166

Publisher : Inspire India Publishers


One Liner : An intricately woven thriller that moves with breakneck speed that keeps you turning the pages till you finally finish the book.



Cover : 3/5

Title : 3/5

Theme : 4.5/5

Characters : 3.5/5

Story : 4.5/5

Overall : 3.7/5


Plot Spoiler :

Finally a book belonging to my favourite genre is here. Presenting Sandeep Sharma’s historical thriller ‘Let The Game Begin.’ To begin with, the plotline is really really interesting. The story begins with a little bit of a historical backdrop with the scenes that took place 4000 years back. The prologue is simply perfect. It piques your interest and catches you by the caller and hooks you to the story.

The story is about the two warring kingdoms, Sarprakt and Chaturanga. Chaturanga was a fertile and prosperous land whereas Sarprakt was land plagued by poverty and hunger. But Sarprakt had an ambitious king who wished to capture the land of Chaturanga over a mysterious mountain that separates the two lands. The king of Chaturanga finally bears an illustrious son who was destined to become a great warrior, is trained by his own father. But the king, an overprotective father does not entirely believe the prophecy and trains four more of his country’s best warriors to form the Panchdhar, a battle formation which would protect his son at the cost of the four others. But in Sarprakt, a deadly conspiracy is being hatched to murder the only son of the king of Chaturanga and thus invade over the kingdom. Finally, the plan comes into action and the prince is killed in war as his fellows betray him. The king falls into depression and something gets inside him, a curse, that beckons him to kill people all around to find who killed his son. He is introduced to the game of chess a mysterious immortal man to replay the scene at the battlefield. The story goes on like that interwoven with the present which was something that I really liked.

Back to the present, a couple of characters are involved as a sudden ‘Chess Murderer’ is going around on a killing spree, murdering seemingly unconnected people but leaving behind a chess piece and a box along with a note in a strange language. As bodies begin to pile up, several characters come into the scene namely Surya, Pratham and Dinesh Gandhi. The story continues as 4000 year old characters are reborn in the present and there’s one with the ‘curse’ who is going around killing the men who had conspired to kill his son.

I do not wish to reveal further as it would destroy the entire story itself. It is a must read for all thriller lovers!!


Review :

The interwoven scenes of the past and the present was very well presented. The links in plot were also very clear so at the end of it all, everything adds up very nicely to the reader. Deep research has gone in behind this, that was evident.


Disappointments :

I noticed a few grammatical errors in the book. Also another thing that let me down a little bit was a small gap in the plot which does not clearly mention what and how the ‘curse’ came into being. Other than that, the story was a fantastic read.


This book can be found on Amazon.

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