Author : Inderjit Kaur

MRP : ₹349

Pages : 194

Publisher : NotionPress


One Liner : An intricate collection of short stories and anecdotes that touch the heart and keep you motivated for your entire life.



Cover : 3/5

Title : 3.5/5

Theme : 4.5/5

Characters : 3/5

Story : 4.5/5

Overall : 3.7/5


Plot Spoiler :

This book is composed of two parts. Part A consists of seven pieces (as in the seven colours of the rainbow) that highlight an important segment of a human life and how to improve it through simple short stories, depicting the important attitudes and habits one must inculcate into their lives. Part B consists of 38 short essays enlightening the reader with various aspects of a healthy and successful life along with sustaining healthy relationships with everybody around too. The pieces also gives the reader an insight into the author’s mind. This book is sure to enliven your life in every possible way. My favourites are as follows:


Part A:

  1. Confident Blue
  2. The Optimistic Yellow
  3. The Courageous Red

Part B:

  1. Act When You Are Stuck
  2. At The Right Time
  3. Being Committed
  4. Being Responsible
  5. Craft Your Strength – Be You
  6. Dream For Excellence
  7. A Place For Me
  8. The Ripple Effect : Making an Impact
  9. There Are No Quick Fixes
  10. Today Is The Day


Disappointments :

This book was really well structured and edited, nothing that struck me as grammatically wrong or any such other problems. I really liked the book and I really recommend this book to those who prefer to read non-fiction.


This book can be found on Amazon.

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