Author : Inderjit Kaur

MRP : ₹299

Pages : 145

Publisher : NotionPress


One Liner : Yet another intricate and powerful collection of short stories and essays by Inderjit Kaur that touch the heart and keep you motivated in every aspect of life, be it authenticity, compassion, courage, and gratefulness.



Cover : 3.5/5

Title : 3.5/5

Theme : 4.5/5

Characters : 3.5/5

Story : 3.5/5

Overall : 3.7/5


Plot Spoiler :


This is the second book I read written by the same author and I can genuinely say I am really pleased. The quality of the work that the book involves is simply mind blowing and its practical inspirations from the journal section of the book is simply outstanding. Part A, consisting of four sections, each related to one element of nature, from the aptly named book, has four trains every human should possess in relation to each of those four elements. Authentic Air, Compassionate Fire, Courageous Water, and the Grateful Earth.

Her depths in approaching and addressing universal dilemmas of a human being’s life struck a chord in my heart. The creative idea of linking human decision making and ideologies with the basic elements of nature…air, fire, water and earth was simply amazing.

This book is not a prescription meted out by the author but the sharing of the author’s own meditations which I feel is the outcome of her efforts to overcome the hurdles that she has faced in life and her gift in having a positive attitude to handle them all in good spirit and to have the urge to help others in similar situations. Her utmost trust in God is clear as crystal and so it is that hope that drives her towards creating a better tomorrow for herself and people around her and those reading her books.


Disappointments :

Just like the earlier book, I found nothing in this book to be disappointed about. I am indeed very glad Mrs. Inderjit Kaur was kind enough to share these kinds of inspirations from her own life to inspire us all. We all should really be indebted to her.


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