Author : Shine Syamaladevi

MRP : ₹295

Pages : 272

Publisher : Lifi Publications


One Liner : A unique novel that moves with lightning pace through the events, taking your breath away into one solid plot and breaking the stereotype of male protagonists.


Cover : 3/5

Title : 4/5

Theme : 4/5

Characters : 4/5

Story : 4/5

Overall : 3.8/5


Plot Spoiler :

The story with the first person perspective story of Krishnaprem who, being really talented and quickly climbs up the professional ladder to obtain a post far beyond the capacity of his age and experience. There, in Delhi, he meets a pretty woman named Mamta with whom he finally falls in love with. They spend quality time together, but one fine day while reading names of heroes off the India Gate, he himself dips into unconsciousness and later finds his head nestled in the lap of Mamta. Soon their love progresses as he goes on to propose to her which is also accepted. Anand and Shuklaji are two minor characters that come into this short scene. Then one day, they are captured by a group of bandits who steal everything they have and also take Mamta away from Krishnaprem to abuse her after hitting on his head with a steel baton. But somehow, Krishnaprem finds a secret store of energy within him to stand up despite the pain and beat all the attackers away and save the love of his life.

Soon after this the story in itself takes a tragic turn as we realize that everything aforesaid story was happening in another character’s mind, a woman called Smita. Krishnaprem was actually a person who was supposed to be her husband and in her mind, she herself was Krishnaprem, the man she loved. She had undergone a traumatic experience in her job where she was framed with the murder of a politician but soon everything was cleared but her mind remained completely destroyed. Krishnaprem, who loved her deeply since their childhood affair, spent all his time, money and energy to bring back the love of his life, back to life.

Soon the story begins to open up as things become more and more clear as to what had actually happened. It was the usual fight for power within a family to capture the seat of Prime Minister. It was a fight, and in a fight, someone has to lose. And this plan was so intricately hatched that the only person to lose was Smita and Krishnaprem.

With the help of a really talented doctor, and several months of intensive therapy and a dose of love, Smita finally came out of her imaginative world into reality and come to terms with the way her life had turned out to be. Here the story takes another turn as she takes it upon herself to find the men who did this to her. I could go on and on but I’d rather stop here and let the suspense be there for the readers to read and enjoy the amazing book.



This is a story which breaks the stereotype of male protagonists and that is what made me adore the book so much. It has so many human values embedded within the lines that to comprehend it all would require several times of reading.



Truthfully, I loved the book very much but the only thing that I would like to point out is that the beginning of the story reveals very little of the plot that happens later into the book. That itself will discourage many from reading on further. If the initial part could only let the plot out a little more, it would hook the readers on, never letting them go.


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