Author : Mona Mohanty

MRP : ₹299

Pages : 110

Publisher : Partridge (Self-publishing division of Penguin Random House)

One Liner : A collection of simple, elegantly written short stories that feature unexpected surprising twists and turns (very much in tune with the title) from a wide set of narratives.

Ratings :

Cover : 3/5

Title : 5/5

Theme : 4/5

Characters : 3.5/5

Stories : 4.5/5

Overall : 4/5


Plot Spoiler :

This book is a collection of 25 extremely witty, rollercoster ride yet well crafted short stories that range from horror, ghost (friendly), providence, inspirational, peculiar (yet amusing). Mona Mohanty has beautifully blended figments of her imagination into well plotted cohesive stories which deliver a short yet crisp message. Some interesting points to note in the collection are that each story has a different narrator, with entirely different perspectives of things and situaitons of the world around. Some stories cover aspects of human life, others human lives from the perspectives of animals (reaaly interesting pieces to read).

Also, another aspect that I personally loved about this book is the quality of language and usage of grammar in this book. It is simply phenomenal. I hate to admit this but several times I had to look up the dictionary just to find out the meanings of the words. It was a pleasure to read this anthology.

My favourites :


In the Mind’s Eye

A Meeting

Turning the Corner

Toy Stories


The Dark Knight

Déjà vu

The Nest

The Open Closet

Watch and Ward

The Call


Disappointments :

Truthfully, I found nothing that disappointed me. The stories were simply perfect, but the ones listed are my favourites and must-reads for everybody.

This book can be found on Amazon.

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