On a footpath beside a solitary road, parting away from the highway, there was a solitary bench. A bench that was notorious for several things. Spooky appearances were the most common of all, including people who sat there after a particular time, never got back their sanity. A few lost persons can also be … Continue reading Tommy

One year… Already?

    Well. It has been a year already. And it has been a monumental year, something to look back at and admire. To be proud of. Exactly one year back, on the 2nd of May, I made this website. Or blog. Or whatever one wishes to call it. I am still confused about it … Continue reading One year… Already?


I'm going to say at the very onset, this post is probably unlike anything you've ever read before. This post is dedicated to a very dear subject of mine, English and well... its history. Well, the subject title might be a little nondescript and for some, a little too condescending and flummoxing, but I assure … Continue reading English

Random Ruminations #1

Atonement is a lie with which we tend to comfort ourselves, pretending and believing we can do penance and reparations and so be the instruments of our own redemption just by making amends. But the thing is one right thing that we do today cannot really write over and obscure the wrongs we might have … Continue reading Random Ruminations #1


What is truth? Truth is something that is in accordance with the fact or reality. But is that really all that comprises of the word? No. Truth is something that is perceived to be the right thing by a single individual, which may be a lie for somebody else. Your truth and my truth aren’t … Continue reading Truth