As an author, whilst writing a lot of thoughts are baffling through my mind. I concentrate more on the interest level generated simultaneously juggling with a lot of facts. Due to this, I am not able to concentrate on punctuation, general syntax and readability. And to be honest, I cannot go through my drafts again and again to make sure it’s publishing worthy. The need of the hour was a thorough professional editor.

When my publisher Sandeep, mentioned Indrashish would be an option for editing my thriller India Shining, I was initially apprehensive. Two days later going through the edited sample, my confidence was rekindled. What does an author want? An error free manuscript, accurate punctuation which do not change the meanings and trustworthy insights. Indrashish not only provided me with all these but also suggested me changes which were essential to make the story more presentable. He has done a wonderful job on my two-year long, hard-worked manuscript. Going through the edited version, I felt completely satisfied. To be honest, editor controls the course of any novel. And I am sure, my editor didn’t let me down. I will surely be calling him up soon for my future endeavors.

Thanks Indrashish, for keeping my thoughts in my story and making it error free.

Alcatraz Dey 

Author of Serpentine Scrolls, Colossal and 31 Sins and now, India Shining.